We provide attractions for every INDOOR - OUTDOOR event. Write to us what kind of event you are looking for and we will prepare an offer, especially for you. Check our most popular attractions and ask for an OFFER FOR YOU.





2 - 4 safe archery courses in an outdoor stand which offer every participant (older than 5 years of age) the possibility to try shooting with a bow, throwing a javelin or an axe. Participants can also play for a prize in the archery tournament, held on the archery range. All staff wear authentic historical costumes.




Stand only available with a tent or indoor events. Particpants can drive one of few different machines (car, plane, boat etc.) or take a part in driving a warmachine (tank, plane etc.) against other participants. Sims are active and react to players actions. Decoration of stand adapted to the theme of event.





Mobile historical inn, offering original dishes from the past, prepared in a wood-fired oven, spit and kettles. Court Baker allows participants to try truly tasty meals, without additives and colourings, such as grilled pig or soup heated with fire. A real delight for all fans of good food.




Ropeway for downhill rides, rope track suspended from the trees and climbing lane are some of our most popular attractions, frequented by adults and kids. Ropes guarantee great safe fun, with harnesses, safety ropes and, most importantly, professional instructors.