We have the honour of being the agents of two splendid music bands.




Created in 2009 music band STOUT is in an obvious heir of the legendary OPEN FOLK, both like in music style. The band specialises in celtic folk and the hits of medieval Europe. The band's historical instruments allow them to create a unique atmosphere during concerts and performances.


STOUT's are simply great as the headliners of an event accompanying knight's battles or dance displays. Thanks to his hidden talent, the leader of the band always builds a special bond between the artists and the audience.


STOUT are great performers for huge events, especially outdoor but also in intimate folk or nautical atmospheres. The band also participates in some cultural and historical events.


INSTRUMENTS: galic bagpipes, bulgarian bagpipes, irish flutes, violin, rabab kashgar, guitars, tambourine, irish bodhran, medieval drums, vocal






Created in 2012 the band is totally devoted to jazz music, spreading their love to well-liked standards and modern arrangements. A wide knowledge of classics, their skills in arranging modern hits and their undeniable talent makes JAZZCAPE perfect for both big and small events.


The band regularly performs on the stages of a few music clubs in Warsaw, but also during some cultural events. A loyal group of fans and the personal charm of the musicians makes JAZZCAPE great club performers.


BASIC INSTRUMENTS: saxophone, guitar, bass, percussion, vocal